November 30, 2018 - Last Week in Review

A note: The approach we've take to publishing these weekly reviews is that on Tuesday we make an outline of the last week's activities. We share it with the team internally. By Friday we aim to complete a post of the activities of the prior week.

Below please find our summary of the activities of the week of November 23rd.

Simplexity / Agile Systems

At the suggestion of HP, we have engaged the two product development teams that HP contracts with for much of their engineering and product development efforts. The firms we engaged are Simplexity, an 80+ person firm and Agile Systems, a 20+ person firm. Both have expertise in developing ink jet printing technology (and more). We have solicited proposals from both firms for assistance in the last phase of the TouchPrinter's development. Through one of the firms, we will complete the design for manufacturing, UL testing, and sourcing of components and manufactuing capacity.


We continue to work with Adam Linn, our ELIA Pilot Program participant. He's been brutally honest about the ELIA design, not letting us rest over letters he finds difficult. We frequently have heated debates. And they have led to improvements in the font across the board. Over the Thanksgiving day week we prepared for new work with Adam and prepared for an expansion of the Pilot program once the Kickstarter rewards are in hand.

Pitch Presentation

Roughly 25% of Reed's and my work is spent on the current round of capital. During the week of the 30th, we revised the investment presentation (aka the pitch deck), to address feedback from advisors, in preparation for presentations in December and January. Some of those presentations require that the presentation include specific information. So we adjusted it accordingly.

SBIR Research

In preparation for a January 5th SBIR grant submission, we have been coding and designing our computer simulated visual impairment tools for the study. Last week Byron worked on how to design a system that can take research participant's responses and feed them into a confusion matrix for analysis.

ELIA Frame Game

Our computer game progresses. Its beta version can be found at Please let us know your thoughts on its functionality and format.