Warning!! Beware!! Caution!! (Watch out!?)

Downloading and installing is relatively easy if you follow the instructions below. If you do not follow the instructions provided there will be one of three consquences:

1. The Argh!

The font will download onto your computer, but you will be unable to use it, because the computer could store the font in the wrong place. If this happens, you will have a devil of a time locating the font, getting it into the correct application file and/or reinstalling it. Users who took this route, report strong levels of disappointment, followed by a resignation that they should follow directions. High levels of misplaced resentment were also reported. (Please, follow directions!)

2. The Bummer!

The font will be downloaded into the wrong folder and you will be able to use the font in some applications, or perhaps some of the time, but it will mysteriously not be useable in others. You’ll never really know why it works sometimes and not others. Users who chose the Bummer report bewilderment and a nagging feeling that they are missing out on something fantastic. Often, this feeling lingers for quite some time, before the user either decides to download the font correctly, or joins an agricultural commune, giving up on technology and the ways of modern society.

3. The Phew!

You could disregard the below directions, race head-long to the download button, download the font and, without further effort start using the ELIA Frames Font. We have heard about one such person who did this without difficulty. He is very unique. Why, he was once giving a speech and a little bird (a House Finch) flew up to him and landed on his podium. It just sat there and chirped while he spoke to a gathering crowd.

Note: When we tested the download by simply downloading it and then pressing install on the file, it didn’t work and it was challenging to rectify.